From Ned & Judy Doran
Ned and I found Sun ‘n Lake by accident while staying with friends in Sebring. My friend and I decided to go to Orlando shopping and Ned was going to play golf at Sun ‘n Lake, but was too late to play. On his way back to the house, he drove down Edgewater Drive and saw a lot of townhomes for sale and picked up some fliers. When we arrived back. He said to call Ridge Realty and see when we could look at them. Betsy Shepard came right out and showed us five units. Ned then asked me which one I wanted and I said 3715 Edgewater Drive. After about a week of legal matters, the townhouse was ours! This was March 3, 2000. Although we were back and forth many times, we moved here in 2003.
We became involved in golf, volunteering at Florida Hospital and Fraternal Order of Police. Ned volunteers at the Sheriff’s Office also. Then we became Ambassadors’ of Sun ‘n Lake. We enjoyed promoting our golf course at out of town golf shows and helping with different events held at the course. We are also members of the Beautification Committee who organizes plantings on the Boulevard, Spring and Fall Community Clean up Days and Holiday Decorating Contest judging for the community. We have also become involved in the American Legion Post Number 69 in Avon Park. We live in an 11 unit building with the greatest neighbors. We visit Disney on a regular basis as traveling around the state volunteering at Golf Tournaments, Super Bowls, going to football games and touring in general. We have found a home in Sun ’n Lake and you are going to have a hard time getting rid of us. We are both originally from Connecticut, gave up all that snow, have 6 children, 15 grandchildren one soon-to-be great-grandchild, who we visit in the summer and Christmas with.
Community Members
Your Neighbors,
Ned and Judy Doran

From Bob & Sally Mogle
When we found our home in Sun N' Lake we knew that this is a Golfing community so we didn't really expect much for our own recreation. We are tennis players and also enjoy biking. Since we have moved here we have been very pleasantly surprised. We are enjoying numerous activities besides the tennis and biking. I enjoy the Zumba and water aerobics for more exercise. Then when I want some quiet activity, I join the Quilting group on Mondays and the Crafts and Conversation group on Wednesdays. I keep very busy with all of the fun stuff that I never had time for when I was working. Joining these groups also gave me a way to meet other folks in the area that have the same interests that I have. I know that there are other activities that I might like such as the Book Club and other exercise groups, but I just don't have the time unless somehow I can manage a 36 hour day. Sun N' Lake is a great place to live for us active retirees.

Bob and Sally Mogle, Sun ‘n Lake Residents