Associations & Clubs

Magnolia Place

Bob Steele - President 
Phone: (863) 382-1153
Magnolia Place Deed Restrictions
Magnolia Place Deed Restrictions (Amend. 1)
Magnolia Place Deed Restrictions (Amend. 2)
Meeting schedule:
  • 2 times a year

Manor Hill

Scott Semrau – President
Phone: (863) 658-2336

Shari Stark – Vice President

Kay Anne Rice – Treasurer

Cliff Wood – Secretary

Deborah Fuschetti – Director

Manor Hill Deed Restrictions
Manor Hill Deed Restrictions Summary 

Meeting Schedule:

The Preserve

 The Preserve Deed Restrictions

 Mr. Dave Boersma, President
Email Mr. Boersma
Phone: 863-832-1220
Kenneth Bartels, Vice President
Email Kenneth Bartels
Louise Parker, Treasurer
Email Louise Parker

Laura Rankin, Secretary
Email Laura Rankin
Mr. Jerry Benson, Director
Email Mr. J Benson
Phone: 863-471-2311

Mr. David E McDonald, Director
Email Mr. McDonald

Mr. Paul Andrus Webmaster
Email Mr. Andrus
Phone: 863-386-1365

Mr. Michael Hurley, Director and Architectural Review Board
Email Mr. Hurley
Phone: 863-382-4937

Mr. Carl A. Nunziato, Volunteer Attorney
Email Mr. Nunziato
Phone: 863-368-4727

Meeting schedule can be found by visiting the Preserve Website  Meetings are held at the Sun 'n Lake Community Center


Deer Run

Jim Jordan, President - 740-373-8500
Annette Schmits, Vice President - 910-547-6602
Debbie Murray, Secretary - 863-214-6352
Robert Shannon, Treasurer - 863-381-3597
Deer Run Deed Restrictions
Annexation of Residential Property April 19, 2017

Hampton Woods

Brian Naylor, President
Phone: 863-471-2008

Meeting schedule:
  • Annual meeting in January


Men’s Golf Association

Jim Hester, President
3809 Sunrise Drive
Home Phone: 863-382-4532

Women’s Golf Association

Jane Penny, President (during the summer months please contact Vice President)
Shirley Holmes, Vice President
5756 Matanzas Drive
Home Phone: 863-471-2586

​Pride & Beautification Committee

              The Sun 'n Lake Pride and Beautification Committee is made up of residents who are interested in helping do their part in keeping our community clean and beautiful. Semi - annual plantings and Community Clean Up Days are just a few of the things they do throughout the year. 
Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month at 5pm at the Sun 'n Lake Improvement District Office
Call Tenille at 382.2196 or email

Annexation of Residental Property to Deer Run