Landowner Election

Landowners may register to vote at the District Office and be issued a ballot or proxy within the 14-day period preceding the scheduled landowner election. Please bring a valid photo i.d. when picking up your ballot.  Proxies will be accepted starting Thursday, January 2, 2020;  Ballots will not be available (or accepted) until after 1:00 p.m. Friday, January 10, 2020. To Register, or for any questions, comments and/or concerns please contact the Board Secretary, Chrissy Hardman at the following link: click here.

 Annual Landowner's Meeting: 

In accordance with applicable provisions of the Sun 'n Lake of Sebring Improvement District's enabling legislation; Chapter 9, Article V, Division 2, Section 9-106 of the Highlands County Code of Ordinances, and other applicable provisions of the Florida Statutes, it is required that the annual meeting of the Landowners of the district be held on the fourth Friday of January each year, and all elections of a landowner elected supervisor shall be conducted at the annual landowners meeting, to be held at such time within normal business hours as the Board of Supervisors of the District shall determine. Those members of the Board of Supervisors who are elected by the landowners of the District shall be elected by vote of the landowners present at the annual landowners meeting in person and by proxy in writing duly signed. Those landowners present or voting by proxy shall constitute a quorum at the Landowner's meeting.

Voting Elegibility:

Each landowner as defined in Chapter 9, Article V, Division 1, Section 9-81 of the Highlands County Code of Ordinances, that is not delinquent in payment of assessments at the time of the election, shall be eligible to vote at all duly held Landowner's Meetings.

Registration for Casting of Election Ballots:

During the month of January in the year the election is to be conducted, but preceding the day of the annual landowners meeting, proxies may be submitted to and registered at the District Administrative Office. Landowners may register to vote and be issued a ballot either in person or by proxy within the 14-day period preceding the scheduled landowner election. All proxies submitted must be verified in accordance with the District Enabling Act and applicable provisions of Florida Statutes. On the morning of the day of the landowners meeting and prior to the commencement of the casting of election ballots for the Board of Supervisors position, each landowner or their representative, if proxies are being submitted in lieu thereof, shall be directed to register their number of eligible voting shares and proxies, if they have not already done so, with the District's Election Consultant, who will be in attendance at the meeting. On the day of the landowner's meeting, each landowner or the holder of their proxy, as the case may be, that has not pre-registered shall be provided a ballot on which the District's Election Consultant will fill in the number of votes that such landowner or their proxy holder is entitled to cast during the election.

Candidate and Ballot/Proxy Information