Important Information Regarding New Utility Bills

Important Information Regarding New Utility Bills

Subject: Important Information Regarding New Utility Bills

Dear Valued Citizens/Stakeholders,

We understand that there have been many questions about the new wastewater related infrastructure assessment on your utility bills, and we want to address any confusion. This initiative is a significant undertaking involving various parties, including the State, contractors, legal review, and the Florida Rural Water Association.

As of now, the District is not actively collecting the fee. We are currently working through procedural steps to ensure that we comply with the necessary requirements and do not hinder our request for State funds. However, if you wish to contribute any amount towards your account, we will gladly receive those funds and credit your contribution accordingly.

In the near future, we aim to actively add this fee to all utility accounts and assessment bills to streamline the payment process. The District Board has already voted to approve the fee against all parcels and/or utility accounts in the District. This will be implemented without question.

The assessment amounts are as follows:

  • $2700 flat fee, or if paid in full during 2024, a discount of 15% = $2295 or
  • $180 annually (The $180 annual fee will appear on your 2025 assessment bill which you will receive on or about October 1, 2024.) Or,
  • $15 monthly

You have the option to pay nothing for now if you choose. Should you choose not to pay this fee using one of the above-mentioned payment options, the $180 annual fee for the years 2024 and 2025 will appear on your 2025 assessment bill, which you will receive on or around October 1, 2024. Then, moving forward, you will once again have the option to select the balance of the flat fee, $180 annual or for those with utility accounts $15 monthly payments, with no interest charges on any remaining balance. 

As always, you are more than welcome to visit the District office or call our main line for further clarification on this process.