50th Anniversary Celebrations

50th Anniversary Celebrations

The Sun ‘n Lake of Sebring Improvement District is thrilled to announce a year-long celebration in honor of the 50th Anniversary of our vibrant community, which occurs on April 16, 2024. Throughout 2024, residents and visitors alike are invited to join us in commemorating five decades of progress, community, and shared memories.

Our milestone anniversary will be marked by a series of exciting events and activities throughout the year, showcasing the history and community spirit that define Sun ‘n Lake. These festivities are designed to engage residents of all ages and backgrounds, fostering a sense of pride and connection.

"We are immensely proud to celebrate 50 years of our community's growth and success," said Ray “Boz” Bossert, General Manager. "This anniversary is not just a marker of time but a celebration of the people, businesses, and organizations that have contributed to making Sun ‘n Lake Improvement District the incredible place it is today."

Key highlights of the 50th anniversary celebration include:

  1. Anniversary Month Festivities (April 2024): The biggest celebration will take place during our Anniversary Week, April 15 through 21. Our anniversary date, Tuesday, April 16, will be marked with a Cocktail Reception, followed by a Gala Dinner/Dance on Friday, April 19, and a Golf Tournament and Community Festival on Saturday, April 20.
  1. Food & Beverage Specials (Throughout the Year): Our local restaurant, the waterfront Island View Restaurant & Pub, will offer monthly food and beverage specials remembering the foods and flavors of 1974.
  1. Music in the Park (Various Dates): Outdoor Music in the Park concerts will take place throughout the year at our lakefront recreational complex, bringing back the various musical genres of the 1970’s. 
  1. Historical Displays (Various Dates): Residents and visitors will have the opportunity to explore the history of Sun ‘n Lake through shared photographs, mementos, and stories, showcasing significant moments in the lives of our residents. 
  1. Community Festivals (Various Dates): A series of community festivals and events at our recreational complex will bring a 70’s flair to our seasonal and holiday celebrations, with music, food, and activities, bringing together residents and visitors alike. 
  1. Sports Tournaments and Competitions (Throughout the Year): Sports enthusiasts can look forward to various tournaments and competitions with a 70s theme that will bring the community together in the spirit of friendly competition at our various recreational facilities.
  1. Legacy Projects and Initiatives (Ongoing): The District will initiate legacy projects and initiatives aimed at leaving a lasting impact on the community, including compilation of a time capsule to be opened in the year 2074, creation of a Comprehensive Plan to guide the vision and development of the Sun ‘n Lake community over the next 50 years, and initiation of various community improvement projects.

As part of the celebration, the Sun ‘n Lake Improvement District encourages residents and businesses to share their memories, stories, and photos of the community's journey over the past five decades by contacting the District Office at 863-382-2196, or emailing to inquiries@snldistrict.org.

Please join us in commemorating 50 years of community, growth, and shared memories. Here's to the past, present, and future of Sun ‘n Lake!