Sun 'n Lake Customer Service Survey Initiative

Sun 'n Lake Customer Service Survey Initiative

�� Attention Residents of Sun ‘n Lake of Sebring Improvement District! ���� Your Voice Matters!

We're excited to announce the launch of our Customer Service Survey initiative, starting with our dedicated Utility Customer Service Representatives! ��️✨
Why a Customer Service Survey?

We believe in putting YOU first! Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our services to better meet your needs and expectations. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. ��

What to Expect:
�� Survey Kick-off: Our Utility Customer Service Representatives will be the first to participate, ensuring that we address specific concerns related to utility services.

Expanding Over Time: The survey will gradually extend to all departments, allowing us to gather comprehensive insights across various services.

Your Opportunity to be Heard: This survey is YOUR chance to share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions. We want to know what matters most to you!

How to Participate:
�� Once you complete your call with our Customer Service Rep you may request and/or be offered to partake in the survey via an extension transfer.
After that transfer you’ll hear - "Thank you for participating in the customer survey; please leave your name, the name of the representative, and any comments you may have about the interaction." Feel free to call 863-382-2196 x 901.

The survey feature will begin Monday March 11, 2024, Your participation is encouraged!

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