Code Enforcement and Security

Code Enforcement and Security

What is Code Enforcement?

The Division of Security and Code Enforcement seeks to enhance neighborhoods and residents’ health, security, safety and general welfare through an efficient and effective security and code enforcement program.
All actions shall be conducted in a responsible and fair manner focusing on customer service and public awareness while respecting the property rights of our landowners. The Public Safety director performs code enforcement activities in the district in conjunction with Highlands County Code Enforcement and the district contracts out security services including security patrols, response to non-emergency calls and managing a daily house watch program.

HOMEOWNER Associations in Sun ‘n Lake

It’s important to know that there are areas within Sun ‘n Lake that have their own set of deed restrictions. These are in addition to Sun ‘N Lake Ordinances and are not enforced by the Sun ‘N Lake Code Enforcement Department. They are enforced by the individual HOAs. HOAs with their own deed restrictions include: The Preserve, Deer Run, Manor Hill, Hampton Woods and Magnolia Place. Restrictions can be checked on the HOA page HERE!

What Happens if You Have a Violation?
1. Warning Notice

This will give you a reasonable time to comply. If you have some extenuating circumstance and need more time please call and let us know. Our contact information is on the notice. If the property is not brought into compliance; the next step is,

2. Notice of Violation & Notice of Hearing
Usually mailed together, again giving a time limit. If the property is not in compliance by this deadline a fine will begin to accrue and the property will be brought before the Special Magistrate. There are various associated fees and costs that Sun ‘n Lake will be able to recover and may include the cost of correcting the violation. The Special Magistrate will rule on the case and issue an Order. Once the Order is issued it will be recorded at the County Clerk of Courts which will then become a lien against the property.

3. Citations
If a citation is issued the Fine will be $100 per day for the first offense and $200 per day for repeat offenses.

Most Common Violations
Enforced by Sun ‘n Lake
High Grass and Weeds

On any property that has been cleared of trees, shrubs and other vegetation the underbrush growth must be maintained at twelve (12) inches or less, and any structure located thereon, the underbrush growth must be maintained at eight (8) inches or less.

Motor Vehicles Parking on Lawns
The seepage and accumulation of gasoline, diesel fuel, oil and other toxic fluids commonly used in motor vehicles can lead to contamination of groundwater, destruction of plant life, and represents a serious fire hazard. Therefore: Vehicles must be parked on a prepared surface.
Unlicensed or Inoperable Vehicles
Any partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, junked, discarded or unlicensed vehicle or vessel cannot be kept on any property within the District’s boundaries.
Storage and Parking of Recreational Vehicles
One boat eighteen (18) feet or less in length and no more than four (4) feet in average height or one utility trailer eight (8) feet or less in length and no more than four (4) feet in average height are allowed but must be parked on the driveway.
Garbage Disposal
Everyone must dispose of all garbage, rubbish and any other organic waste by placing it in garbage containers. No person shall place any garbage container in open public view for pickup earlier than twelve (12) hours prior to the designated pickup time. Garbage containers shall otherwise be kept in a secure and sanitary manner away from public view. This rule excludes multi-use dumpsters.

If you receive a warning notice:
Please contact the Sun ’n Lake Code Enforcement Department immediately to let us know how we can help you get your property into compliance. Our main goal is VOLUNTARY compliance.
Other Common Violations Enforced by Highlands County
Noise, including barking dogs: Generally, a noise disturbance which is plainly audible across a real property line of any residential area between the hours of 9:00 pm of one day and 6:00 am of the next day.
Dogs, running at large: Generally, it shall be unlawful for any dog to roam, wander or run-at large on any property other than the dog’s owner.
Building, residence, minimum square footage: Generally, for R-1A, the minimum square footage shall be 1,000 square feet and for R-1, the minimum square footage shall be 750 square feet.
Fences and hedges: Generally, the term “fence” shall include fences, walls and hedges. All fencing must
be located entirely within the property and shall not exceed a height of four feet along the sides or front of the property. A chain link or decorative fence may be five feet in height, no fence in residential areas shall exceed a height of six feet.
Home occupations: Generally, no person other than members of the family residing on the premises may be engaged in such occupations.
Obstructions in Right-of-Way: Headwalls, fences, mailboxes, statues, walkways, and other obstructions placed in the right-of-way will be removed from the work area, as required to keep the work progressing, by the Contractor. In the event that the owner cannot be identified or is unable or unwilling to remove said obstructions themselves, the obstruction will be posted with a Notice, in writing, by the Contractor 24 hours prior to any removal, that said object will be removed. The Contractor will not be responsible for any damage to said objects that occurs while being moved by the Contractor, after proper notification and the approval of the Project Engineer. Any objects that are removed from within the right-of-way, except mailboxes, will be hauled away and disposed of by the Contractor in a proper landfill.
Note: Right-of-way shall mean land, property, or an interest in land or property, in which the county owns the fee or has an easement, devoted to or required for use as a transportation facility, and shall include the roadway and adjacent land areas owned by or under the control of the county for transportation purposes.

Highland’s County Code Enforcement Department 863-402-6641

Question or Complaint?
Please call or email Sun ‘n Lake Code Enforcement Department and ask for more information.

Code Enforcement Office
5306 Sun ‘n Lake Blvd. Sebring, FL 33872

Bob Hilts, Code Enforcement Officer


Tim Dahl, Security Manager


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